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Tips on loans


Helpful tips when considering a personal loan

Tip 1 - Plan your loan early.

In most cases it can take several weeks to close a loan, because of the wide range of types, sizes, methods of operation, and levels, different loans are very different, and each is unique with its own nuances and complexities. In most transactions, the loan request must first be underwritten and approved by the lender and then reviewed and approved. Once a loan is approved, it can take from 30-60 days to fund. Borrowers can dramatically speed-up the process by supplying all of the necessary documentation up front.

Tip 2 - Get your documentation in order.

One of the first tasks before you approach a lender, is to obtain a copy of your personal credit report. Check it carefully for any inaccuracies or mistakes. Make certain that all accounts are current and there are no outstanding judgments or liens. If there is any derogatory information, it is better to be proactive and prepare a letter explaining what led to the problems and why the problem is not likely to occur again. Then you need to gather all of your personal and/or business records for the last years, including: tax returns, financial statements and attachments, and anything else that you believe would help a lender.

Tip 3 - Define your goals.

Evaluate your needs and purpose for borrowing funds. Never tell a lender that you want to borrow as much money as possible. Rather, you should have a specific amount in mind and the paperwork to show why you need it and how you will pay it back.

Tip 4 - Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Loaners are traditionally confident and optimistic, while lenders are often perceived as conservative and sometimes pessimistic. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will help you bridge this ideological gap. Some of the most common weaknesses lenders find are: inability to demonstrate repayment ability, insufficient cash and poor personal credit. Depending on the severity of any particular weakness, you can often overcome it if you are prepared with a particularly noteworthy and compensating strength.

Tip 5 - Find an experienced lender.

Good lenders will be able to prequalify you with a minimal amount of information and without completing the entire application. The entire prequalification process should take no more than a few days. If it takes longer, it is probably indicative of the lender's inexperience and you may want to consider finding a new lender. In the end, you should complete the process with an excellent loan product and outstanding terms that are tailored to fit your needs.

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